Bark collection

Working on a new collection called ''Bark'' composed of many styles that will have their own name representing a tree like spruce, maple, red cherry, etc. Lately i recognize that many people are changing their ways. Getting closer to nature, eating better, exercise and take care of themselves being more aware of this reality around me. Am I talking about myself? Hum! Maybe I am and got inspired by this fact that's for sure so you will be seeing a lot more of this style for men and women in the next few months, i expect to have at least 12 models with different tree names shortly.


red gold alloys for jewelry

Most people think that It's either pink gold or rose gold that their seeing lately but It's actually red gold, a bit deeper in colour which permits a stronger contrast between white and red or yellow and red, It's only a small percentage of alloy mostly copper that's added to the content of either 14 kt or 18 kt, the only hick with this metal is soldering with It, you have to be quick and swift on the torch cause It oxidizes more than other metals we're used too, other than that It's colour properties overrides any negativity.

Chain of office for the Senate of Canada

This is something i wanted to share more now that i have some time to do it, to start this new blog i thought that one of the most important piece I've made in my career should be chosen for this occasion '' the chain of office'' for the Senate of Canada. It took 3 months to get all the designs accepted and 6 months after that to complete the project. The weight in silver was over 400 grams and the silver Itself is a non-tarnishing type of .925 sterling silver a part from a 22 kt. gold sovereign coin that was set in the background of the front medal. Everything that's on these front and back main pieces as been thought of by a team of heraldic experts, i could probably wright two pages on this but I'll keep it short and sweet. Later on in November 2014 they inaugurated the chain in England in presence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Inauguration of the chain of office for the Black rod with Noel Kinsela, Greg Peters and Queen Elizabeth II

Inauguration of the chain of office for the Black rod with Noel Kinsela, Greg Peters and Queen Elizabeth II

Back medal before assembly

Front medal before assembly

Chain of office after completion

Queen Elizabeth II picking up the chain of office